Quality Technician

Quality Technician

Job category: Other

Job Type: Full Time

Traverse City, Michigan

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$1,000.00 signing bonus.

This position will introduce the applicant to all of our Quality, Metallurgical Laboratory and Technical Operations. The wide range of duties will encompass, internal auditing, laboratory knowledge, and aerospace charting

The role will require the incumbent to follow up on each departmental preventative maintenance as well as daily logs, and will require communication with departmental coaches for survey times, SAT’s, TUS’s, and required technical information.

Specifically Quality Assurance Technician will have these responsibilities:

  1. Attributes to Quality
  2. Monitor daily hardness testing on all hardness testing equipment with in plant.
  3. Perform weekly / biweekly SAT’s on Nadcap Qualified furnace’s
  4. Perform TUS’s on Aerospace related furnaces to remain and/or become compliant to our Nadcap accreditation.
  5. Maintain and log Aerospace training records
  6. Support employees and Managers with technical knowledge of experience with customer expectations.

Duties & Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Technician

To enable the incumbent to be successful they will have these responsibilities:


  1. Set up a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and yearly scheduling.
  2. Sets goals and drive to complete.
  3. Set duties in order of priority.


  1. Conveys motivation to employees and managers on instructed duties.
  2. Facilitates instruction effectively to maximize understanding.
  3. Takes criticism well on instructed duties.

Professional Growth

  1. Maintain a current knowledge of the job description duties.
  2. Makes good use of professional development opportunities.

Professional Expectations

  1. Demonstrates a continuing education in all areas of company.
  2. Accepts responsibilities for professional and personal growth.
  3. Strives to be on the cutting edge of professional content knowledge.
  4. Exhibits strong communication skills.
  5. Is fully committed to the mission and values of Century Inc.
  6. Shows flexibility including the acceptance of and willingness to change.
  7. Takes calculated risks and tries new things.
  8. Knows and acknowledges personal limits.
  9. Displays self-discipline and a strong work ethic.
  10. Demonstrates success and commitment as a team player.
  11. Uses constructive feedback as an opportunity for growth.
  12. Handles conflict effectively.
  13. Works independently, self-motivated and organized.


  • High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team,
  • Positive and Professional attitude
  • In addition to the previous mentioned Roles and Responsibilities, employees must comply with their direct supervisor’s request(s) to participate in special projects or complete tasks that fall outside the scope of this job description
  • Basic computer skills- Microsoft Word, Excel

Come join a team of hardworking and dedicated individuals. Century can provide you will a lifelong career and advancement opportunities!

Century Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business and equal opportunity employer. All employees are required to pass physical, background and drug testing prior to employment.


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