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Veterans are disciplined, trainable, loyal, and deeply committed. They've led teams, developed strategies, and leveraged critical thinking and analytical skills all in a day's work.

Our jobs for Veterans help make the transition from military to civilian life easier.


Helping Veterans Find Career Success
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Veteran Unemployment Rate: 3.5% in Feb. 2018


Women Veterans Unemployment: 3.5% in Feb. 2018


Non-Veteran Unemployment Rate: 4.3% in Feb. 2018

Unemployment for veterans is still an issue today. But there is good news! Now there is a greater push than ever to help military veterans find career success as a civilian...and it seems to be working.

Our veterans job board gives a helping hand to those who have served. Jobs available often include jobs in management, accounting, aerospace, medical, IT, and more.

Our Veteran Job Board Means Hope

The importance of helping veterans find jobs is immeasurable. Our military veterans bring unique qualities from their military service to the civilian workforce. The NVF Veteran Job Board helps provide employment for those who served.

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