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financial jobs for veterans

Financial Jobs for Veterans: Exploring Your Career Options

By National Veterans Foundation / April 23, 2019

If you’re considering breaking into the financial industry as a veteran, you’re not short on options. Some of the country’s top companies offer training and educational programs to fill financial jobs for veterans who qualify. This, along with their commitment to hiring vets to fill positions, makes these companies very much worth looking into. Here’s…

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employing veterans

Employing Veterans: An In-Depth Success Guide for Employers

By National Veterans Foundation / April 5, 2019

Are you currently employing veterans? If not, you’re missing out on a large section of the talent pool that can help you get qualified candidates and lower your costs. As an employer, you want to find a candidate who is responsible and reliable, does good work, and has skills that will benefit your organization. You…

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veteran owned businesses

Veteran-Owned Business Support: Exploring Your Options

By National Veterans Foundation / February 14, 2019

There’s plenty of good news in veteran employment of late and veteran-owned businesses are playing a major role. The veteran unemployment rate was 2.7% in February 2019, down from 3.5% in February of 2018. Veteran-owned businesses continue to grow. Veterans who are looking to start their own company have plenty of support. Part of the…

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curriculum vitae for veterans

Out of Uniform, Into the Workforce: Tips for Writing a Curriculum Vitae for Veterans

By National Veterans Foundation / November 14, 2018

The first step to any successful job application is a successful curriculum vitae for veterans. If you’re transitioning out of the military and back into civilian life, there are a number of challenges you’ll have to face each day, from reconnecting with family to joining or creating community outside of the military. Among the more…

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veteran job search

The Keys to a Successful Veteran Job Search – Resources and Tips

By National Veterans Foundation / September 13, 2018

Although military veterans sometimes experience difficulties finding work after they finish their active service, there are resources out there that can help in the veteran job search. Our military vets face a number of challenges when transitioning back into civilian society.  One of the biggest of these challenges is finding rewarding career opportunities.  Our service…

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job training for veterans

Making Job Training for Veterans a Priority

By National Veterans Foundation / August 14, 2018

Far too many veterans experience employment difficulties upon finishing active duty. The solution to this problem is an increase in job training for veterans. Military veterans develop discipline and receive rigorous training while serving their country. You’d think this would lead to incredible career opportunities, but this often isn’t the case. Far too many of…

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GI Bill Benefits school

Getting the Most Out of Your GI Bill Benefits

By National Veterans Foundation / July 15, 2018

The GI Bill has undergone many expansions since its inception in 1944.  With the new Colmery Act, it’s time to revisit the GI Bill benefits. In August 2017, President Donald Trump signed Congress’s Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017 into law. Commonly known as the ‘Forever GI Bill,’ the Colmery Act signaled…

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careers for veterans

7 Best Careers for Veterans in 2018

By National Veterans Foundation / June 6, 2018

You’ve served your country well, and now it’s time to serve your own interests with a job you’ll love. Finding great careers for veterans can be tricky business. One reason, you might think, is because some of what you learned in the military won’t directly apply to the civilian workforce. You might be surprised at…

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hiring disabled veterans

Hiring Disabled Veterans: 5 Reasons Why It’s a Smart Business Move

By National Veterans Foundation / May 22, 2018

How do you feel about hiring disabled veterans in your organization? For the first time in decades, unemployment has dropped to a record 3.9%, the lowest figure since 2000. Companies are struggling to fill vacancies with a dwindling candidate pool. Hiring disabled veterans may be a strong solution – in many ways. Take a look…

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work from home tips

10 Work from Home Tips to Get Things Done and Be Successful

By National Veterans Foundation / May 8, 2018

Did you know that almost 4 million people work from home at least half of the time?1 It’s a growing trend. The freedom of working at home brings many advantages, but at times it can become a balancing act between work and home. Our work from home tips help with productivity, efficiency, focus, and even peace of…

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