Why Hiring a Veteran is the Best Business Move You’ll Ever Make

Will hiring a veteran affect your business? We say a resounding, yes!

The overused phrase “It’s so hard to find good help these days” has never been truer in today’s modern job market. The national unemployment rate at the end of 2017 was at an all-time low of just 4.1%.

But one group of job seekers remains well below this national average, clocking in at just 3.7% joblessness at last year’s end: military veterans.

Jobless veterans are in shorter supply than they were just a few years ago when numbers crept as high as 10%.  This dip in veteran unemployment could be based on a number of factors. Regardless, the benefits of hiring a veteran are hard to ignore. Here’s how hiring a veteran can affect your business in ways you might not have considered:

#1 – Veterans are Quality Leaders

leader hiring a veteran

Veterans already possess many of the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for successful civilian work. Supervising employees, working in harsh conditions, meeting goals, being prompt, and solving problems are basic skills that any job-seeking veteran can offer. Their dedication, diligence, and hard work ethic can help set the positive example for your other employees, even if you don’t hire them into an official leadership role.

Employing veterans is just plain good business…Where else can you find tried, tested employees who are willing and ready to work?

Source: Shad Meshad, “Hiring Vets: Good for Shareholders“.

#2 – Hiring a Veteran Can Lower Future Recruiting Costs

Hiring and recruiting new talent from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. Most companies try to avoid the traditional talent search altogether by asking internal employees for referrals. Veterans usually have a vast network of people and resources, given their longstanding history of service. They’re usually quick to help out fellow veterans, especially when it comes to employment.

As a result, you’ll be presented with quality candidates when you need to fill a position and can significantly reduce your time spent sourcing outside talent.

#3 – Veterans Adapt Well to Change

Things happen quickly in the military. One day a soldier might be cleaning the floor, and the next day they might be packing up to head overseas. Military personnel are geared to remain flexible, learn quickly, and make adjustments on the spot.

These are all desirable qualities in the workplace, as businesses and markets are comprised of continually moving parts. Rigid flexibility is essential in any work environment to ensure continued success.

#4 – Your Business Might Qualify for Tax Incentives

Aside from obtaining a dedicated, hard-working individual, your business may also qualify for financial incentives. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit are worth thousands of dollars per hired veteran.  There are other financial incentives available to offset training costs and other related expenses.

You can learn more about financial incentives for hiring a veteran on the Veteran’s Affairs website.

Wrap Up

Hiring a veteran for your business can be a win/win situation. You’re helping a valued former member of the military transfer into the civilian workplace. In return, you get a highly skilled individual who possesses leadership skills and can help you attract quality talent to your company.

Getting started hiring a veteran is as easy as posting a job on our job board. Click here to get started.

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