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Construction Project Manager

Construction Project Manager

Job category: Other

Job Type: Full Time

Louisville, Kentucky

Closes on:

We are looking for an energetic and data driven Project Manager to run 3-5 projects at a time for a progressive and family oriented small business. Our business prides itself on being an exceptional workplace producing exceptional results. Each of our team members embody these Core Values:

We are Personable & Professional
We live a ‘WE before ME” ethos
We have a Growth Mindset
We take the Longview

Project Managers must complete the following critical tasks. These critical tasks shall not be fully delegated to the APM:
1. The Project Manager must maintain tight schedule control over all projects. If a project is delayed for any reason, the Project Manager must be able to communicate why and develop a recovery plan. On a tightly managed project, there are three basic reasons the schedule is delayed:
– SSV caused the delay and we can hold them accountable based on facts
– Owner caused the delay and we can hold them accountable based on facts
– Valiant caused the delay and we can explore the root cause, understand what happened, and take steps to mitigate it in the future

2. Project Manager’s must be competent and proficient in MS Project. Project Manager’s must be the person who updates the CPM Schedule and Narrative. They must know the critical path of their projects along with the next major milestones. The monthly CPM Update shall be discussed with the Superintendent to ensure alignment with key milestones prior to being finalized. The CPM Update shall be submitted to the Owner with the payment application on the last business day of the month.

3. Project Manager’s must be competent and proficient in Procore. Project Manager’s must be the person who updates/maintains an accurate budget in Procore with appropriate notes. Take a snapshot on the last business day of each month.

4. The Project Manager must visit the jobsite at least twice per month preferably on the same day as the Weekly Owner and/or SSV Meeting. During the visit, the Project Manager shall meet with the Superintendent in a 1:1 setting to review:

a. Five Pillars of Jobsite Safety
– Daily Jobsite Inspection Checklist
– Weekly Toolbox Talks
– AHA’s as activities on the jobsite change

b. Review budget to ensure alignment with budget goals

5. Must actively participate in and ensure high-quality agendas and minutes for:
– Weekly Owner Meeting
– Weekly SSV Meeting
– Project Manager workload expectations:

Project Manager’s should expect to handle 2 – 4 projects at a time depending on various factors including size, complexity, owner, workload, etc.

Company name:
Valiant Construction

Position filled: Open

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