Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic

Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic

Job category: Electrical

Job Type: Full Time

Norfolk, Virginia

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Job Description:

Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic

Job Summary:
The Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic install and repair fire alarm equipment. The Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic will also test control panels and wiring and ensure everything functions properly. The Electrician/Fire Alarm Mechanic may also troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning systems.

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Supervisory Responsibilities:
• None
• Electrician:
o Installs, repairs, troubleshoots, modifies, loads and tests new and existing electrical systems, fixtures, controls, and equipment, including secondary distribution lines.
o Works from building plans, blueprints, wiring diagrams, engineering drawings, and maintenance and repair manuals to repair existing electrical systems, controls, and equipment.
o Disassembles equipment, repairs and/or replaces parts and components, cleans and assembles; makes operational tests and adjustments as necessary.
o Installs equipment and makes secondary connection with power lines.
o Cuts, bends, and installs metal conduit and romex wire.
o Troubleshoots by checking or tracing circuits, locates and diagnoses trouble, repairs or replaces parts and reinstalls.
o Troubleshoots buss ducts of all kinds.
o Repairs and installs line starters; single stage, multi-stage and reversing controllers; limit switches; pressure switches; unloader valves; pressure and heating oil switches; and all types of controlling relays.
o Maintains and repairs electronic and electrical 60 and 400 cycle generators and their associated control and regulating equipment and machinery.
o Tests and repairs electric equipment and appliances.
o Performs basic test and repair of intrusion alarms and public address systems.
o Makes adjustments and solves problems by use of electrical formulas for computing voltages, resistances, amperages, capacitance and frequencies.
o Fabricates various electrical parts using various materials of appropriate conducting, resisting or insulating properties.
o Builds test equipment when such is not available from any other source.
• Fire Alarm Mechanic:
o Installs, maintains and repairs master fire alarm systems.
o Maintains the electronic control consoles located at each Base Fire Alarm Headquarters and is responsible for the operation, adjustment and repair of all master alarm boxes, associated underground cables, master circuits, vocal systems, ticker circuits, mechanical registers, time and date stamps and back-up recording systems.
o Analyzes the operation of all modular components and adjusts or repairs as necessary to maintain fire alarm monitoring and transmitting equipment.
o Modifies systems and subsystems in electronic panels to adapt internal circuitry to system requirements.
o Repairs panels by isolating defective electronic components and repair or replacing as necessary.
o Installs, adjusts, times and cleans master boxes; rewires and rebuilds as necessary and wires and connects to building auxiliary circuits and base master circuits.
o Installs, adjusts and repairs alarm auxiliaries, fire bells, heat detectors, sprinkler switches, smoke detectors, master circuits and auxiliary circuits and uses volt/ohm meter, Wheatstone bridge or other cable fault locating equipment to isolate troubles and make repairs.
o Pumps manholes, uses shovel and pick, rods ducts and pulls and reconnects cables.
o Maintains master fire alarms circuit prints by marking up changes or additions.
Required Skills/Abilities:
• Must have a journeyman level knowledge of the trade theory, principles and practices
• Must be skilled in both old and new work.
• Have a good working knowledge of commercial, industrial and residential electrical construction and how a variety of electrical systems, circuits, controls and equipment are installed, operate and function.
• Have the skill and ability to troubleshoot and repair difficult electrical problems such as intermittent, open or shorted circuits.
• Must be able to size, bend and thread conduit.
• Must possess a sound working knowledge of the National Electrical Code.
• Must be able to read and understand the various types of wiring diagrams, sketches, blue prints, circuit diagrams, cable route prints, lines route maps, overlays, and drawings that are used in the electrical trade.
• Must be able to use formulas basic to the electrical trade to figure such things as voltage drop, volts, ohms and amperage, and circuit resistance.
• Uses a variety of tools and test equipment including wire cutters and strippers, conduit bending and threading equipment, drills, soldering irons, ohmmeters, graphic recorders, ammeters, voltmeters, Wheatstone bridges, rheostats, phase rotation indicators, meggers, industrial analyzers, field test units, frequency meters, and various other electrical and measuring devices.
• Must have an understanding of the operation of solid state devices, printed circuit boards, transistors, diodes and resistors used within fire alarms systems. Must be able to troubleshoot and diagnose non-functional or malfunctioning alarm systems and consoles, isolate any defective electronic components using meter, probes and other electrical/electronic test equipment, and repair or replace defective circuitry and/or components.
• Must be able to compute voltage, amperage, resistance and capacitance factors of printed circuits and master alarm circuit components.
Education and Experience:
• 5 years or more of related experience required.
• Valid state driver’s license required.
• CPR certification required.

Physical Requirements:
• Moderate lifting up to 40 pounds is required.
• Must be able to work at a rapid pace for a short period of time.
• Occasionally required to perform work by stooping, bending and reaching while in cramped and uncomfortable positions and by walking, kneeling, crouching, and crawling
• Must be able to climb ladders and scaffolds to perform work at various heights.
• Normal vision is required.

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SJ Technologies

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