Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer

Job category: Engineer

Job Type: Full Time

Traverse City, Michigan

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Job Description:

Job Title: Quality Engineer

Reports to: Quality Manager

Position type/ expected hours: Full-time


This position creates and implements strategies for quality control and assurance of industrial processes, materials, and products to optimize product quality through the following:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Develop and initiate standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation that assures the design criteria. This could be in the form of a work instruction.

2. Plan and conduct the analysis, inspection, design, test, and/or integration to assure the quality of the assigned product or component through creation of control and/or inspection plans.

3. Review and Train the Century team members to the developed inspection plans and methodology.

4. Establish methods to evaluate the precision and accuracy of production equipment and measurement techniques. i.e. Capability studies, MSA

5. Perform quality engineering reviews of Customer design documentation and support compliance requirements.

6. Apply statistical process control (SPC) methods for analyzing data to evaluate the current process and process changes.

7. Investigate, document, and respond to all Customer Complaints through root cause investigation and corrective action.

8. Lead the Review and Disposition of non-conforming material as a Material Review Board member for your responsible product lines.

9. Manage and oversee source inspection activities

10. Document data obtained during all quality activities consistent with company policies and procedures.

11. Develop approaches to solve problems identified during quality activities.

12. Formally Communicate significant issues or developments identified during quality activities and provide recommended process solutions

13. Prepare written technical reports to communicate involvement and results of quality or project activities.

14. Direct technical and administrative workers engaged in quality activities.

15. Prepare, supervise and report suitable and effectual metrics on assigned processes.

16. Provide input on decision to accept new product into the facility and engineering changes.

17. Maintain a working knowledge of government and industry quality codes and standards.


Position Requirements

1. Solid and effective interpersonal skills and refined communication and listening skills working with internal and external customers.

2. Attention to Detail

3. Multi-task: The skill to prioritize and complete multiple responsibilities

4. Problem Solve: The skill to analyze data and strategically apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a varying range of intellectual and practical problems

5. Ability to effectively use data analysis tools (pareto, cause-and-effect, control charts, correlation, box plots, stratification, root cause analysis, process maps)

6. Capability to read, analyze, and interpret complex documents and provide feedback on what is required to meet the requirements of this documentation.

7. Ability to provide sound judgement and make decisions on data gathered to continually optimize product quality and production and management processes.

8. Willingness to learn different methods and systems and encourage and teach team members realized and applied skills.

9. Capability to work within a team and recognize when a teammate might need for you to shoulder more responsibility

10. Support team objectives and targets that support company goals and objectives.

11. Meet or exceed requirements for cost targets within functional areas.

12. Comply with the Quality Management System, Safety Practices, and Management Operating System documents relative to your department.

13. Oversee and comply with company rules and practices in compliance with the Employee Handbook.

14. Support and participate in Lean Manufacturing initiatives throughout the organization including but not limited to kaizen, OEE, Kanban, 6 Sigma, etc.

15. Comply with 5S housekeeping practices and maintain a clean, organized work environment.

16. Project Management experience desired.

17. Proficient with computers and production management software.

18. Bachelor’s degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university; or one to two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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