Solution Architect – DevOps

Solution Architect – DevOps

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Madison, Wisconsin

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Under the direction of the Web R&D Manager, the Solutions Architect – DevOps is responsible for the development environment, code promotion, automated test, and build/deployment pipelines for JHT enterprise software systems in accordance with company policies and procedures. Excellent communication and leadership skills are necessary to share their vision with JHT leadership and to guide the development teams in working within the bounds of the devops guidelines. A Solutions Architect is always learning and looking for new tools and methods to enhance and simplify their domain. Being humble and willing to learn from those around them is a characteristic of a successful Solutions Architect. Although expertise in their technical domain is a must, what makes a great Solutions Architect is their willingness to help others. The goal is always to advance JHT as an organization.





  • Establish a vision for JHT development operations.
  • Define a clear path for achieving their vision.
  • Design and implement the foundational framework on which JHT development teams will build their solutions.
  • Governance: Define and document standards and usage guidelines of JHT development operations.
  • Compliance: Monitor ongoing development to assure that the approved solution architecture is being adhered to. Provide guidance in correcting deviations from the defined standards.
  • Work with Product Owners to understand the requirements of JHT initiatives.
  • Work with the other domain architects to define the solution architecture to be implemented by the development teams.
  • Train and mentor developers in development operations usage.
  • Assure, through knowledge sharing and mentoring, that there is always a someone to act as a backup in case of production issues if you are unavailable.
  • Understand available solution options that will best meet our needs while being cognizant of the cost.
  • Monitor and report on development operations usage and issues.
  • Assure that production issues are quickly routed to the necessary persons for resolution.
  • Seek out and evaluate new tools and technologies that may benefit, enhance, and simplify their domain.
  • Be a humble, approachable team player always willing to listen, learn, assist, and provide guidance to other members of the JHT team.
  • Other projects as needed.





  • BS Computer Science or related technical field of study.
  • Knowledge is more important than education. Experience and skill can waive the education requirement.


  • Minimum of 10 years enterprise system development.
  • Minimum of 5 years cloud platform experience.
  • Minimum of 3 years technical leadership.

Other Requirements:

  • Experience designing and implementing web application development/deployment pipelines.
  • Experience with AWS application infrastructure.




  • Strong knowledge of Configuration Management and Deployment tools like Puppet, Ansible, or Chef
  • Experience in developing Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines (CI /CD)
  • Atlassian/AWS development/promotion/deployment automation pipelines.
  • Ability to work with other architects to develop a software system solution architecture.
  • Ability to train and mentor others.
  • Demonstrated effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong sense of initiative and a sense of urgency, demonstrated by accomplishing tasks; improving current work processes; and assisting others when necessary
  • Unwavering attention to detail and commitment to world-class quality
  • Ability to embrace deadlines
  • Able to project a positive and professional demeanor to all internal and external contacts




We offer an excellent compensation package and team-oriented work environment with growth opportunities.


Some of our outstanding benefits include:

  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Company paid Life Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Paid Time Off benefits
  • Free access to our state-of-the-art onsite workout facility
  • Product discounts
  • Wellness programs




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