Utility Manager

Utility Manager

Job category: Facility Management

Job Type: Full Time

Delhi, New York

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Job Description:

SUNY Delhi seeks a dynamic, forward thinking, and engaging Utility Manager to join the Facilities Department. SUNY Delhi prides itself on being a welcoming college community for all. Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are integral components of the highest quality academic programs and the strongest campus climate. The college seeks a wide range of applicants for its positions so that inclusive excellence will be affirmed.

The Utility Manager directs and manages the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning department, as well as, the Plant Utilities Engineer II/III, who oversees the steam heating plant, electrical department, and plumbing department.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide leadership, and management of HVAC-R staff, and all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and utilities on campus.
  • Manage the campus energy management systems, monitoring temperatures, equipment, scheduling use, and shutdowns. Develops, and executes plans for improvement to control systems.
  • Assists Facilities Operations Manager in promoting sustainable design, renovation, and operation of campus facilities, including: green building design, renewable energy, green purchasing, energy and water efficiency, reducing pollutant emissions and discharges.
  • Perform inspections of equipment and utility systems to determine repair, replacement, or energy efficient needs. Prioritizing needs in accordance to emergency, standard repair, or preventative maintenance.
  • Assists in recommending, augmentation, and commissioning of utilities related equipment to upgrade current equipment to meet applicable current energy standards.
  • Assist Manager of Buildings and Grounds, Physical Plant Director, Assistant Director of Capital Construction, and Facilities Operations Manager with initiating capital projects to improve energy conservation and sustainability from inception through completion.
  • Review capital projects to ensure that proposed plans and specifications provide energy saving features while meeting the project goals.
  • Manage work order system for utilities related work, including small projects, coordinating multiple campus departmental work, ensuring continual operations, and minimize impact on the campus community.
  • Provide guidance in efficient energy utilization, and cost controls.
  • Assist in identifying and pursuing funding opportunity for energy conservation, and sustainability, working with the grant coordinator, NYSERDA, NYPA, and other agencies to identify matching fund opportunities.
  • Maintains documentation, preparing, and submitting required reporting.
  • Helps to reduce the likelihood of significant disruption of utilities provided to campus, with round the clock responsiveness. Monitoring, and maintaining of emergency generator/power systems, providing assistance during mechanical failures, power outages, and other emergency conditions to restore the campus to normalcy.
  • Works with faculty and academic programs to connect facilities energy, and sustainability initiatives with curricula.



  • Must have a bachelor degree
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant professional experience in HVAC-R, Steam Plant, Electrical, and Plumbing Operations.
  • Minimum of 3 years direct supervisory experience managing a HVAC-R, Steam Heating Plant, Electrical and Plumbing trades.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of HVAC-R, Steam, Electrical, and Plumbing preventative maintenance, routine maintenance, operation management, best practices, sustainability, and BAS controls.
  • Demonstrated understanding of utility systems, operations, utility billing, energy use, and analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience and understanding with environmental regulatory requirements, reporting, and processes including, NYSERDA, NYPA, EPA, DEC, DEP, SERQ, OSHA/PESH.
  • Solid experience in developing, and adhering to budgets, schedules, and operational parameters. Establishing, implementing, and monitoring Standard Operational Procedures. Scheduling staff assignments to a meet institutional demand.
  • Experience and knowledge of environmental management policies, environmental sustainability, and energy conservation programs, including energy, water, and waste.
  • Proven experience in leadership, innovative thinking, and sound judgement providing motivation, and innovative thinking among staff.
  • Demonstrated self-starter, motivated, ability to work independently, and motivate others.
  • Valid NY State Driver’s License

Preferred requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • Experience in a higher education environment, or equivalent large institution

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SUNY Delhi

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